Chris Slaten started the company in 1989.  He started work with Crawford Enterprises, a natural gas compressor manufacturer, while working on his college degree.  During a work experience at Ingersoll Rand, Chris got the opportunity to work in the natural gas oil field providing mechanical services for the small independent natural gas producers.  

He realized he had the ability to provide a valuable service to companies through third party inspections of purchases of new gas compression equipment and ultimately provided service for Mobile Exploration, Conoco and Valero Refining.  Thus, in 1989 RPM Inspections Inc was formed. Chris and his contractors have been serving the clients ever since.

Chris ensures that his clients are provided a quality inspection through a well developed inspection plan, for any component or material that clients purchase related to oil, gas or chemical applications.

Today, Chris provides clients with a quality assurance process.  He manages, both domestic and international projects, by hiring qualified inspectors and contractors that provide high quality surveillance services, accompanied by pictorial reports, that clients can utilize to monitor the production of the equipment they ordered.

If you need a quality third party representative, RPM Inspection Inc. is the company you need.


2765 Dawson Road, Tulsa, OK  74110

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